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We can’t Make This Up

Empathy IMO

Empathy Works Best Together.

Michael Yost 09/12/2020

Digital Library of Babel Contains Every Possible Book | Digital Trends

A doorway to better understanding questions you have of yesterday’s history and science and today’s prevalent and not so prevalent…. I think.

I Believe. 9/11 Memorial.


Personality test based on C. Jung and I. Briggs Myers type theory

My understanding of this test was that it was originally designed for employers to see if the potentially of the candidates, after meeting all the other criteria, how they could be a fit in their organization.

Theory. To me it’s a waffle ice cream cone or a snow flake. Find two that are identical up front, but from a distance they both disappear on a hot day and have the potential for Bigger consequences.

Don’t answer the questions like you think it’s what the test giver wants to see or what you want to be.

Try not to read the descriptions of the personality types before you test because it will skew your test results towards who you think you are.

Lastly it’s theory, so have an open mind and see if it offers insight. Circumstances will change in your life and also can change your test results, but not to the extreme. Have fun.. You could find out you’re a Waffling Flake or a Flakey Waffle. How fun is that?? has a MBTI section to answer any questions you may have on a variety of things.

Bunny What…?

Viral ad for newest has gots to get that.

It’s a Bunny Maker!

Yeah that’s right it’s ours for a 1/4 cent first 5 million sold and a 1/2 cent USD for the first 5 years all off the top.

Michael Yost 07/14/2020

Pota tao, Boiled, Baked and Died

 Pota tao, Boiled Baked and Died

A Mirror’s Worth

You have to Clean the Mirror to be able to See Through It

Michael Yost 07/21/2020

Just Another Old Puckered Butt on a Rollercoaster

The measuring tape suddenly snapped back

Like a mind filled with hate
it seemed to attack

Reeled in, the tape tightened stealing the slack

Also stealing my emotions but for fear and lack

These thoughts now focused and no longer concealed

Anger and guilt rose to see
what routes were sealed

When they arrived a large bell ominously peeled

The rocks under foot opened losing their faith to be healed

Michael Yost

Just Another Daze.

Don’t let the Alarmists Ring the Bells.

The Clown Made Me Do It!

I’m Not but what a cover.

Burst of Light

Let it be the burst of light above and forward that will show you your unique and new path towards…

letting go of who you are not.

Michael Yost 07/13/2020

HFA: High Functioning Anxiety

Who Me?

Tid Wit… Mirrored

We have to face it, there no escaping mirrors and if there are two it’s most illusional.

Tid Wit… WordPress Review

No Outside Pressure! No Deadline! Just a blank screen, BUT better  than a 2 inch pencil, a chewed eraserhead turned into stone, the cocktail napkin with growing blood drops from the metal cutting my hand between my index finger and thumb and only 4 dollars left and a beer is 5.

Tid Wit… Intention

Before I speak I knock on the mirror to get my intention.

Tid Wit… The Dark

The dark can blur or pinpoint your focus.

Tid Wit… Deed?

Read, Feed, Heed, and do the Deed?

Tid Wits: Smiling Mormons

What color pill did they take?

Tid Wit: Face

It’s as simple as a pimple on your butt.

Tid Wit: Used to Was

I used to no who I was, until I new who I am.

Tid Wit: Synonym

Anxiety should be a Synonym of Gravity.

Tid Wit…. Period

Wait.. Wait.. Wait.. got a question got a question..  Initially what did Jesus and Judas have in common.. ?

No No No They died for a different reason and a PERIOD  was the last thing they had in common.

Michael Yost

Late Night 20/20 TidWits?

Gun Control for Gun “Con” “Trolls”

Sometimes being retired is better than being a retread or is it the other way around??

Just Me Again