Monthly Archives: October 2010

Chad the Bad

Chad the bad was extremely glad he pinched a pint of juice
He had no time to pick the best, but got one 80 proof
The next to find a great long line to fill his nostrils toot
To blow his mind over the time it takes to get more loot
He’ll foul a friend oh don’t pretend you think you know his game
Remember it’s done under the moon he never wants the fame  Michael Yost

Chaos One

The pinion of gears the minion of fears
Twisting in the coil and boil
Throughout the years of tears and sears of flame
The wrenching pain and who’s the blame
For the toil
Who’s to shame why the game
Face the gates to a new fate
Forget the hate
Drop the bait
Step into your new found state
The state of mind above the grind
Left down behind the barn
The barn so long ago
The maladjusted souls
And the youth they stole  Michael Yost




8 Times 8

Never the less always the more

Same as it was never before

Going uphill rounding the bend

Dry as a bone wet as a hen

Go fly a kite bug on the wall

Stop on a dime don’t drop the ball

Up in the air down on the ground

Just silliness nothing profound

© 2010-2011  Michael Yost


Busted seams of tattered dreams deeds hidden from the sun.

Driven by the dawning twilight, only to be spun.

Twitter tweakers face aglow, nursing a warm beer.

Sweaty fingered Razor tweeting, “McKenzie needs a lift here.”

Last lick bindle prick, reflection surrounds the spoon.

Shifting stance, shoulder glance, hiding from the moon.

Rubbing thread bare Ruby Rigid swollen with desire.

Live for today, never stay, time will soon expire.

© 2010-2011  Michael Yost



Embrace the moment before it goes

Deep hollow echoing’s seem to expose

Nothing within and nothing without

But always something about to pout

© 2010-2011  Michael Yost


I’m going to start posting my poetry here.  I hope you enjoy it.  Please feel free to leave comments.