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Crystalline 1

I whisper the curse
The boy’s tragedy remains
Forever instilled

Fate calls the master
The domino must not fall
No harm continued

Pain is the counsel
The man’s tragedy endured
Never repeated

© 2010-2011 Michael Yost

Weeds Vs Nants

The collection grows larger every day.
Wants, Needs, and Weeds. Changed Weeds from Nants.
Nant going to get it, didn’t have that expecting feel to it; With weeds they grow anywhere any time. In fact I have two neat piles of Wants and Needs but I’m overrun with Weeds! You learn to cut em back and fit em on a pile, kinda like, I need to eat, but I want Ice Cream sorta sorting. Well you get the idea. The one Weed that’s hard to put in a pile is that Sex Weed; it likes both piles and it’s a hold out from the last naming, Nant. I’m nant going to get it so why bother sortin.

© 2010-2011 Michael Yost

The Spell

The words flow by without
so much a sigh

Hearing it’s a lie, and to
ponder why.

So many do cry from words
up on high

Others do try but only
manage goodbye


No Trip or trill, never
heeding of spill

Helping you still, to
succumb to their will

Not using a pill or
drinking their swill

They’ll have their good
fill without any bill


Its magic they say, for
use you will pay

Likely today, there’s no
other way

No use to belay, you
cannot betray

You are nothing but hay
and potters clay


©2010-2011 Michael Yost

Rip Curl

The tap root lay bare exposing its throat in the center of the earth crested wave; surrounding the base of the behemoth taken down by heavy winds.  The height of the root circle was more than ten feet high and on either side the wave continued rip a curl from the earth.  More than a thirty foot total moss covered curl appears to be launching this fallen Goliath into the foaming surf of uprooted grubs, worms and insects.

© 2010-2011 Michael Yost


Memories of our friendship never seem to change in time;
They can’t be taken too, by your new love, well because they’re mine.
You were with me a long time then and now gone longer still.
Your shadow may be gone never to be the same questions fill
You were the first to say so, so it must have been my blame.
The kind that bends your knees bows your back and shoulders the same.
Memories of our time together will never change given time.
That harvest can only be reaped by me, because they’re all mine.
Long walks in the park, and longer happy hours on the porch,
And I don’t think I can look at it any other way having already passed the torch.
It’s hard to remember any cross words we may have spoke
Just part of my memory that my heart was once broke.
Maybe the memories are too good to be true given the time;
That’s okay too, because I choose them, and all in all they are still just mine.

© Michael Yost

Happy Holidaze

The evening cold and snow had already taken over the feelings in his hands and feet.  Adjusting the packages to see his watch; the twenty minutes seemed more like an hour.  When he first arrived, only briefly facing the brisk wind to survey the big white house, he had seen living room bay window still lit and the electric candles in every window.  Behind each candle was a sparkling red wreath reflecting the alternating filament bulb creating a beautiful haloed effect behind the frosted window panes.  The children’s lights have been off for a few minutes, but she was adamant about not seeing them tonight.  I had them for Thanksgiving

© 2010-2011 Michael Yost

It Caresses the Tip

It caresses the tip
Rushes in on a musky sweet wave
Almost like flash flooding creates and behaves
The cool sensuous flesh soon fills the void
Shooting cold chills through her opening Freud
Pushing forward and up clamping shut
just in time
only to lose a couple drops of the sublime
Melon for you
Melon for me
Such aware company

© 2010-2011 Michael Yost