Soothing winds creating the dins
That flow through the poplar leaves

Soaking up sun and having fun
With the worshiping by the trees

You hear the sigh up in the sky
As the wind goes everywhere

Stir the branches all big and small
With a whisper of clean fresh air

They bend and sway and seem to say
Glory to the one up above

Perched from flight and out of clear sight
Are the homes to the loving doves

© 2010-2011  Michael Yost

17 responses to “Trees

  1. Michael,
    I am visiting your poetry blog, via Poets United.
    I really liked the words in your poem Trees. I could feel the breeze and see the sway, with the imagery created from your words.

    Welcome to Poets United.
    Best wishes, Eileen


  2. Nicely done, Michael. Your words describe the scene and bring it to life.


  3. “They bend and sway and seem to say
    Glory to the one up above”

    This was a beautiful poem, and amazing picture and that line above I copied and pasted was very powerful!



  4. Lovely, poem ” Whisper of clean fresh air” like the line.


  5. Really like this!
    Trees gently swaying… love that feeling.


  6. the sounds of the breeze and cooing of doves and the imagery of sunlight and sky! altogether a magical piece! I love it Michael!!! xox


  7. lovely thoughts on trees.

    your imagination is amazing.


  8. trees are cool,
    so do you.

    lovely entry, thanks for sharing.



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