From his open heart he gave of himself
Choosing from the large jars upon his shelf
He showed no concern over the void created
In fact from the delight he was elated

The vacuum, the hole or the empty jar
Was filled with wonder from not very far
Passing a boy blowing dandelion fuzz
Honey bees working away with a buzz

The joy all around us we never see
Is there for your eyes if you ever please
Don’t be concerned for what you give today
Let your heart and your jars show you the way

© 2010-2011  Michael Yost   booguloo@live.com

The Gooseberry Garden, A Place for Poets To Share and Get Inspired!

15 responses to “Jars

  1. hmmm I like the last two lines the most 🙂 be joyful in all things


  2. Wow! I wonder how the jars feel after giving delight to the man who emptied him. 🙂 Beautiful poem on appreciating the simple things that give us joy. Very nice!


  3. Love it.. all too often we miss the treasures in our days because we’re too busy love the colourful jars, too!


  4. love every line,
    superb entry.



  5. Thank you for giving us a peek at your jar of wisdom today!


  6. Very philosophically treated. Receiving is a way of giving. Never mind the empty jar. You would have given back more than what you had taken. Very deep and meaningful write!



    thanks for the love to poetry picnic.


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