I Breathe To Be Free

I breathe to be free
Rid of me enticing too
The essence of you

Raising the bowl
Exposing my hole
Come fill my soul

Taking my spirit
To a place I can hear it
No more to fear it

©2010-2011 Michael Yost

4 responses to “I Breathe To Be Free

  1. we are free, but we keep pretending we are not 😉

    nice poetry

    thanks for visiting my place

    cheers from Uruguay 🙂


    • Free from myself and my selfish, self serving sin nature. Thinking that anyone should or could entice His spirit shows the arrogance and ignorance in the bondage, finally surrendering in the next 2 stanzas. Cheers form Long Beach, California!


  2. i love the poem 😀

    beautiful write and with so much expertise 🙂


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