The Curb

The curb came up abruptly and bruised my toe
I wasn’t watching, I didn’t know
My sights were upon the girl with the bow

Looking both ways I stumbled, I blushed
Slipped and slid through the cold wet slush
I just wanted to meet her, not to be crushed.

©2010-2011 Michael Yost
Poetry Picnic Week 27: Spring Break, Vacations, Favorite Colors, First Kiss

25 responses to “The Curb

  1. Those street curbs are coming up all over my city, and seems like a new crush every day. Nice little poem. Thank you!


  2. Fun…I can see that happening.


  3. oh, man. I can relate.
    enjoyed this very much! loved lavender and sage too!

    thanks for the visit and comment. I’m glad you stopped by for now I’ve found your works. looking forward to reading more from you

    take care


  4. Like your blog and your lovely writing !
    Take care
    Marinela x


  5. well put.
    you truly got talent.

    you can create a page, when you click on blog status, on left hand side, there is a page, choose add new, open a page titled awards, then you can display any awards on your page…

    ignore if too troublesome for you.
    we love your poetry, keep sharing…


  6. Oh, no, you got crushed and blushed–so sorry. Cute, sweet poem, Michael! xoxo


  7. Michael — And to think I was there when it all began…
    I am honored. It’s as wonderful now as it was then.


  8. yes indeed. I know that one. Not wanting to be crushed…


    Luke @ WordSalad


    • In class we read, “Where the Sidewalk Ends” by Shel Silverstein. Our 5 minute automatic writing assignment was to write about sidewalks. Earlier in the day I was discussing church dances as a young teenager and that’s the birth of “The Curb”. .. and the church lady said,”Isn’t that special…?” 😉


  9. Talk about getting crushed because of a crush! A fun poem 🙂


  10. Looks like you were crushed in more than one way! I know the feeling– I once rear-ended a car (and did it good) because I was staring at a couple of girls walking down the street!


  11. I know the feeling 🙂


  12. A sweet poem that most can relate to. I’ve walked into pillars following a bow with my eyes.


    Mark Butkus


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