Spiking masks the hurt
Waves wash away the pain
The water rises

Lost without you now
No return beyond this point
The water rises

Slipping underneath
Syringe then bubbles surface
Overflows water

©2010-2011 Michael Yost


13 responses to “Lost

  1. Great poems – nice and tight – no waste. We got these Turkey Vultures here in Canada too. They sit up near the rail line and eat up the road-kill.


  2. “Spiking masks the hurt”
    immediately intriguing…


  3. wow… says a lot in a few words..


  4. So spare it sparkles clearly. Too clearly in the sense that we’ve all been there and know that pain.

    Well done, Michael. Poem on …


    • Thank you. Haiku has changed my thinking. I believe less gives the reader more to imagine and makes it easier to personalize the verse in most cases. When I use multiple haiku or stanzas I also try to word them so they can stand on their own.


  5. Concise yet complete, always a treat. The water rises as the inevitable approaches. Well written!


  6. Too much said in few words.


  7. Waiting for the water to cleanse..very graphic, strong poems!


  8. That was a harsh one. It truly is hard, in my opinion to describe raw emotion with beauty.

    You have certainly done that, here.


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