Maiden of the Mill

Maiden of the mill
Prods the oxen round the path
Song calms the beast’s wrath

Dreams do overwhelm
Being the Princess of the realm
No more the beast’s helm

Lost in a reverie
The oxen no longer pleased
Stopped and the mill seized

©2010-2011 Michael Yost

9 responses to “Maiden of the Mill

  1. It wouldn’t be the first time! 🙂


  2. Short poem power packed with very nice imagery!


  3. I liked how the poem drew me in and engulfed me into the moment that the maiden and the oxen shared with delicacy and ease only to leave me wondering what will happen next!


    • This is where your imagination comes into play. Write equal verses in the same format and try to find completion; if no completion found, I’ll answer equal verses in the sam format until we find a completion of thought and story.. You wanna come out and play?


  4. it ain’t the
    first nor last
    time the mill stopped.

    the oxen was
    replaced by steam
    & then electric motors

    still the mill occasionally
    stopped working. someone
    dressed the status quo as progress.

    nobody knows who breaks
    the factory machines; the rotten fink
    won’t come out & play.
    Is that what you meant? I’m always looking to play along & I have nothing but ethically conspicuous poetry to offer. A man of your obvios poetic skills is certainly capable of a call & answer. Dug your poem, thought you captured the theme perfectly. Am I on the right track here? Thanks for the tip, next one is on me.



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