In Jest

Where does it all end
Starting quite by accident
A word said in jest

Tone changing intent
Hurt washing over her heart
Flushed cheeks flooded with tears

Rushing to hold her
Pleading for forgiveness
Eyes fear betrayal

Words have been spoken
Water goes beyond the bridge
Is this where it ends

Β© 2010-2011 Michael Yost

Old Town Alexandria

45 responses to “In Jest


    I have gone to check out some more of your poems.


  2. Nicely written…it is amazing how jest could cause a significant effect.



  3. water goes beyond the bridge?

    strong piece, well done.


  4. This is so much a part of our human experience…as we learn to forgive and move on.


  5. Words have incredible power. Nicely written.


  6. I have found myself in this situation, on both sides, begging for forgiveness and struggling to forgive. And somehow, forgiveness does come, if we let it.


  7. Such a part of human interaction–something said in jest taken the wrong way or misinterpreted and now look at the hurt you have to contend with…

    Very well done, Michael.


  8. Words are powerful and have the steely sharpness of daggers

    Well penned Michael


  9. Enjoyed the poem…thank you for sharing.


  10. I enjoyed this one πŸ™‚
    Thanks for reading mine


  11. I enjoyed read your poems,
    simple, and have a deep meanings


  12. Simple yet goes straight to the heart.Sometimes hurting words just come out in the most unexpected moment.Sometimes I wonder which is harder…asking for forgiveness or giving one.

    Touching write.


  13. Michael,

    I really like this and yes. How true it is, how easy to devastate with words, even words spoken without intent of malice.


    • For me what really bothers me is when they say they have forgiven you, but every fiber of their being pushes you away. I understand that it’s their problem from that point forward, but you’ll know also you instigated it. I’m glad you stopped by!


  14. Dos it ever ends? I wonder…

    πŸ™‚ Beautifully written, the fear is always an ingridient that adds flavor to any kind of situacion πŸ™‚


  15. “water goes beyond the bridge”– sweet line. this poem could be a mantra for the twitter/texting/facebook age, where there’s so much room for error in comprehension of those miniature-sized word bytes.


  16. im never happy with my rhetorical questions, answers…

    excellently written


  17. So beautiful… it really reminds me of the intricacies of relationships. Thank you so much for this gem!


  18. Beautiful times something we say to tease may hurt the other ..
    if we had the power to know what the other expect to hear ,then it would have been easy….ha..ha.
    Enjoyed very much..


  19. Glad you stopped by my little place on the webz. You skill with words is admirable.


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