People run by past
Not reflecting on their life
Broken mirrors cry

©2010-2011 Michael Yost

Chonky Birb

23 responses to “Mirrors

  1. I still run by my past..
    So very true…


  2. So much conveyed in such few words. Well done!


  3. I like the play on the word ‘reflection’ question though, in the first line did you mean that people run by their past, as in review their past, or people run by fast? Wasn’t sure of that. You pack a lot into so few words – kudos!


  4. Stunningly written. Broken mirrors having tears… this was a moment of true inspiration, Michael.

    Thanks so much! Amy


  5. Ouch it hurts, it is true! Good one!


  6. wow.
    god one….
    thanx for visiting me.. 🙂


  7. oooh…yes!

    sad..but very true.

    brilliantly done..:)


  8. broken mirrors cry – EXCELLENT!!!


  9. One must have a past to maintain the present…with no reflection, what are we? So many try so hard to turn their heads, but they can’t neglect what has come before. That way leads only to self-destruction.

    Potently delivered haiku. It hits hard, and deeply, at reality.


  10. Maybe we don´t take enought time as to stop by and look at us, I mean, the REAL us.


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