New Years Choices

Choices are at handFork in the Road

Subscribe to others demands

Stand up, be a man

Roll over and live with guilt

Live the new life you’ve built

©2010-2011 Michael Yost

11 responses to “New Years Choices

  1. Choices are at hand…nice..
    Loved reading this piece 🙂


  2. A fine and apt new year’s resolution


  3. I like this motivational poem.
    Great for a new year post


  4. Fine work … The choices are indeed at hand and we must be responsive … and we did build the life … Nice.


  5. The words “Subscribe to others demands” really jumped out at me in this poem. We so often do things at the cost of ourselves…

    You might like a poem I wrote on this recently – please take a look if you have the time

    Chloe xx


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