Time Has Come Today

The words are mine the thoughts universal
See the brilliance of youth’s potential
My own life inconsequential
Sands of time deplete, replete
Not ours to own or keep
Long enough to mete
Hills not too steep
Babies creep
I sleep

Sands Of Time

© 2011 Michael Yost


11 responses to “Time Has Come Today

  1. Wonderful what you’ve done with form and unforced but effective rhyming. I feel another etheree coming on!!!


  2. A sage poem,,, so true very little we can actually possess for it goes back to the earth when we pass this way, except as you cleverly say in your first sentence “the words are mine”



  3. nice of you to stop by and leave a comment.

    this could be a rap song.


  4. Nice with smooth flow


  5. Wonderful. Sometimes what we call our own is actually universal.


  6. Sleep deep.

    Enjoyed my visit here tonight, Michael. Thanks for the gift of your work.



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