Snake Eyes

Roll da bones manSnake Eyes
Mama needs some brand new shoes
And the kids need food

Women and liquor quicker
I got the rent ain’t paid blues

© 2011 Michael Yost

12 responses to “Snake Eyes

  1. This needs to be the refrain of a song and have a few verses added. I can think of a few artists who could sing it. And thanks, Michael, for your very kind comment on my blog! Victoria


  2. *chuckles* Nice piece flowing out from a classic line…gambling away the money on the hopes of winning to pay off other needs, other debts…oh, casinos.


  3. This one needs some music. Sing it!


  4. I really like your last two lines. A dark cynicism here


  5. I agree – this needs some music putting to it. Great words for a song 😀 xx


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