Haiku 8

Bliss Dance

Rose from bone and clay
Help, comfort and company
Eve of destiny

© 2011 Michael Yost


13 responses to “Haiku 8

  1. This is a sexy poem!


  2. lovely Haiku..



  3. Stunning Haiku,
    was at first not sure the haiku went with the photo, but they are both utterly stunning, — visually and words.



    • I seen a uninhibited sin free dancing Eve celebrating life.. The blue lighting (only in my mind) reminded me of Jake Sully becoming Neytiri’s substitute “Adam” in rebuilding Pandora. Thanks for liking both the picture and the Haiku. There’s a complete set of these sculptures on Flickr under “bliss”. Really fascinating work.


  4. Oh I do like this, pic and poem. Nice work, Michael. You do know how to spin …And I like getting caught in the web.


  5. This is very nice! For some reason, I’m strongly reminded of Halloween though.


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