It Was A Cold Rainy Sunday Afternoon

Push hard the black pencilSolace
Making it really dull
Wrinkle and rip the stencil
Give them something to mull

Not with too much tensile
All words need to be culled
Boiled down like the lentil
Leaving nothing made null

© 2011 Michael Yost

12 responses to “It Was A Cold Rainy Sunday Afternoon

  1. Cold and rainy–not my favorite combination either.

    “Leaving nothing made null.” I like that ending.


  2. I like this. Very cool and original.


  3. Pithily said – I especially love “boiled down like the lentil”. Your work is very original, looking forward to more!


  4. i really enjoy the feel of this piece! it’s short but the message is clear!! the flow is awesome! you have some really great piece posted!!!


  5. I’m all for reduction, same as in cooking! LOL


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