Under Your Feet

Under my sky is under your feetfootprints
Six foot under just out of my reach
Once in a while falls through a cat’s turd
You see it is food for our fat birds

© 2011 Michael Yost
One Shoot Sunday 01/30/2011
With  Iquanyin Moon, Photographer


18 responses to “Under Your Feet

  1. Ha! 2 reactions I had…. First, very nice flow in the beginning. Second, ewww… a giant litter box. lol Extremely creative, Michael. Cheers


  2. Interesting poem…where did the cat turds come from!? Is this the universe telling me its time to change the litter?

    This piece leaves me a bit disoriented…reminds me of a dream Carl Jung had as a boy…he wrote about it in “Myths,Symbols,and Dreams”…such disorientation usually triggers something remarkable later…i hope.

    Nice shot!


  3. this is indeed a very unexpected take on the prompt – but a damn creative one!
    i like the start a lot – under my skin is under your feet – really good michael


  4. ha. great rhyme…and killer opening line…guffawed at the use of turd…


  5. We have four cats….maybe I should gently place some of them on said litter box…just kidding.


  6. O though the same; great flow then eeeeww cat poo, really? Ha!


  7. Great rhythm…I found it quite comical too!


  8. Enjoyed the comical aspect, thrown in just to throw one… nice touch.


  9. Okay … and that’s my big laugh for tonight. Glad I’m not in charge of changing the litter.


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