Heart on the Bank


Skipping Stones1

Water worn surfaces smoother tonight

Promises of yesterday on wings flight

Cold is the water in the night spring

Crying in my heart for warmth to bring

Other hearts whipped and skipped so strong

Dancing upon ripples trailing till dawn

Still sink to the depth’s growing peaks

Remembering the words you did openly speak

You said you’d leave my heart on the bank

But no you cast it with the others, and it too sank

©2011 Michael Yost


4 responses to “Heart on the Bank

  1. “Dancing on ripples trailing til dawn.” This really stuck with me, Michael. Many images of water, of its movement, and aligned with the human heart. Reminds me we are all 93% water after all! (And 8 ounces of mystery.)



  2. Didn’t keep their word and keep your heart on the bank…


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