Melancholy Incomplete’s


Take these tears away from me
Rip this cerecloth from my head
This burden saps all my strength
In between my bed and dead

Cause of which can not be seen
Questions why pound and are asked
Nothing from any great length
The answers are only masked

Fearfulness hides in my taint
Legs twisting up in wet sheets
This disease wrinkles my dreams
Melancholy incomplete’s

© 2011 Michael Yost

Free Write Friday

6 responses to “Melancholy Incomplete’s

  1. I’m sorry your gloomy but boy did it make for a wonderfully intense piece! Bravo!
    We have had storms here the last few days and a tornado destroyed a community not far from my home. 😦


    • Tornadoes Are my ultimate scare. Yes earthquakes can shake you up, but to be tossed around like a rag-doll or a “puppet” .. I don’t know.. sucking out all the air from around you.. Hope you have a storm cellar close by!


  2. Intense and gloomy -just like melancholy.thanks for visiting me


  3. vivid showcase, well done..

    bless your day.


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