More Sadder or Funnier Than:

More sadder or funnier than:

An old girl friend getting stung on the bare butt by a wasp while sitting on an outhouse toilet seat.

Now it’s your turn..

2 responses to “More Sadder or Funnier Than:

  1. An eight months pregnant woman stranded in an outhouse in the middle of a forest by her husband who went off to dance with Morris dancers. She was stuck on the seat and two Boy Scouts (eyes closed, on their honor), opened the door and pulled her out. The result was a deafening PLLLTPH when the sweaty August seat was dislodged from her ass.

    And yes, it was me!!


    • It’s much like the woman in the airplane toilet.. Never really found out whether was an urban legend or not back then when I first heard about it. She was to have lost her innards when she flushed because of the vacuum she created..


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