pha la la la la

Peeling peacock feathers off of Penelope’s phanny;
Is like ripping sticky lollipops from Santa’s beard.
My biggest thrill is dotting the eyes of Little Orphan Annie.
And my new medication is making me feel weird.

© 2011 Michael Yost

Free Write Friday

2 responses to “pha la la la la

  1. Ahahahahahaha! Weeeeeeeee! Ya got that right! This reminds me of my uncle richard (rick) who at the dinner table one thanksgiving, throws his hands in the air and blurts out; “we’re all fucking crazy…bahlalalalalalalalala” The meds actually made him nuttier than he ever was to begin with.


    • Meet your new Uncle Mike. I’m the hugger, but it’s only me I hug that is until they take off my jacket. Then I can hug, (be careful though, I’ve been told my head’s not sewn on real tight because they filled it with scorpions and sawdust. Gotta run see the white coats coming with my jacket..


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