The Nursery

Spring time is for new life or is it for raking under the freshly dead?
There’s a little life left in the dead for the seedling to suck dry into dust.
The sad tidings are the seedlings are forced to use failed DNA and imprints.
One root after another hitting rock bottom again; more shallow every season.

Maybe a brittle snap of winter will return, supplying more dead for yet newer life.
Some who are perfect escapes the nursery, being transplanted into a new environment.
The fresher soil still steams with nitrogen and oxygen flooding into their roots with new life.
No one knows their fate as the shovels begin to turn the rest of us under again into the void.

© 2011 Michael Yost

Thursday Poet Rally

32 responses to “The Nursery

  1. vivid capture of it.


    Glad to see you in.


  2. Yeah, we never know. I am the weed. I am the flower.

    A very interesting take.


  3. Very true. We never do now and somehow I think it’s all of a piece.

    Very well done, Michael. Whenever I return for a visit, I’m delighted to find new growth.


  4. This is a very realistic view of spring.


  5. Such is nature… Interesting read!


  6. Interesting topic, great imagery!


  7. A weed is just an unwanted wild flower !!
    Like the read !


  8. whoa… WOW! loved it!


  9. Now this is definitely a different take on spring! I like it!


  10. Great poem!


  11. And so nothing goes to waste… Lovely, interesting imagery.


  12. thoughtsnotlost

    Vibrant and well written! Wow!


  13. beautiful poem about the spring! 🙂 enjoyed it.

    Rally Week 41 – My Poetry


  14. Fantastic … and esp love the last line 🙂


  15. Really great imagery (don´t know how to write this word 😦 ) well, great anyway! 🙂


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