Last Hit*

Passing the pipe, “yo ere” he strained
Handing it over, his face was pained
He let go, whoosh, coughing bright red
Thought I’d seen him, in Santa’s sled

I shook it off, took a hit too
Didn’t hold it long, it came out blue
Out of the night, lights came up fast
Siren blasting, he went right past

So scared I pissed, right in my pants
Fred turning red, in a great rant
He cursed the cop, for going right past
I smiled; we had run out of gas

© 2011 Michael Yost
*over 30 years ago

15 responses to “Last Hit*

  1. Oh, man, Michael. This is, like, the story of, you know, my whole, like, twenties. Man. Don’t bogart.

    In the meantime, here’s a really depressing one!
    Peace out, and impeach Nixon, Amy


  2. Oh my … now here’s a memory, huh?


  3. The last hit…….a memoryworth sharing……

    thanks for stopping by my page..


  4. There was that time!! Now a very well written memory..keep ’em coming!


  5. bittersweet memories.

    Glad to see you share.




  6. Oh, those were “the good old days”. I wonder when my last hit was…


  7. Over 30 years.. I read that.. 🙂
    I smiled reading this one.. very well poemed!

    Hugs x


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