Politaker or Poligiver

Do you ever know a politicians heart;
Or the motivation behind an upstart?
The sooner you find out what sets them apart;
The quicker you know how to get them to part.

© 2011 Michael Yost

5 responses to “Politaker or Poligiver

  1. The more they cajole you with “we can get there”
    The more you’re assured that they’re filled with hot air.

    Michael, good work, and it’s true. So disappointed in Wisconsin politics, let alone how the man I worked so hard to get into office is allowing even more American boys and girls to eat sand and take bullets for people who don’t even want them there. Amy


    • I went from a Dove to a Hawk and back to Dove. I can still justfy all phases, but that’s the trouble with mankind; I thought I was righteoust in my beliefs every time.


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