It’s Just One More

Disassociation flutters in your brain
Suddenly you’re outside your main frame
Flow grabbing at one side or another
Gasping for any air soon to smother

Anxiety rips you at the very core
The raven screams out to you nevermore
Your balance is slipping the high wire walk
Looking around everyone of you gawk

Falling to one knee you swallow your heart
Grabbing your chest your breathe fighting to start
Raising your head with a guttural scream
Calm returning the tears begins to stream

One breathe, then two, you ascend a hand hold
Your hands to your face it’s sweating and cold
The worse is over senses returning
Light another cigarette not learning

© 2011 Michael Yost


15 responses to “It’s Just One More

  1. perfect rhyming…
    Glad to see you so productive.


  2. lol, wow! you took me on this journey of pain and then made me laugh lol
    Indeed, we never learn 😦


  3. Rather intense and then we get to breath in the end. Nice work!


  4. Lessons in life usually mean for someone else. Thanks for the reminder. Good poem!


  5. Michael,

    A utterly fantastic and descriptive poem. I was in the moment, my chest heaving, not being able to breathe. An addiction is always a roll of the gun’s chamber.

    Great stuff!


  6. a fanastic write yet again! i find your stuff full of emotion and powerful meanings!


  7. Oh jeez. You had me wondering what the heck was going on and then…it must be a horrible thing to go through. Well articulated, Michael.


  8. We humans have no sense at all. Of that we have in common. Thank you!


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