Past the Man Crying

Pass through the door past the man who cry’s
For the understanding of life’s cycle
And why all must go through life and die
Some others wish it to be actual

While hold outs live to be perpetual
Fangs in your throat sucking you dryly
Leaving you love notes with smiley’s
RSVPeeing over their daisy purr petuals

Again beyond original intent

Pass through the door past the man who’s crying
Looking for enlightenment’s ending
Doubtful its lack of control pending
Yet hold outs live while love ones are dying

© 2011 Michael Yost

*Sometimes you leave it as it was.


20 responses to “Past the Man Crying

  1. Michael, this is cynical, touching, and clever. RSVPeeing, an inspired word, and I love folks who create new words on a poetic whim! Nice read. Amy


    • Thanks Amy. I think looking at old hurts require us to find new ways or expressions trying to convey those emotions. (besides the fact that my water pills were working exceptionally well during the composition…. lol)


  2. There is a real sadness that permeates throughout this poem. Especially when you look at the content of the pause – which is a rather clever device.


  3. wow! I enjoyed this a lot, a whole different type of read from you, thoughtful, philosophical. I guess we were both in that frame of mind! Happy Potluck!


  4. impressed a great deal.

    what a perfect art.



  5. Such sadness that comes from confronting old pain and inner doubts – beautiful writing


  6. I give up trying to understand it; it is just beautiful 🙂


  7. I agree w/ the reply– RSVPeeing is an inspired word! Your images are arresting.


  8. Great write. Gets the reader to think.


  9. That man is crying because the “love ones are dying”. I believe it happened long ago, so he must be okay by now. (I hope I didn’t upset you for giving to your words a meaning they didn’t have. I’m talking about my Would Be Poem. I only saw a critic observation and I am sorry for that.)


  10. Interesting use of ‘cry’s’ and ‘RSVPeeing’.


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