Twubbling Theme

The p on the last gasp punctuated
Then the roaring crowds stood abate
Hearing beer cups roll down the stands
Damned the last hope of your teams fate

Flashing light bulbs captured moments
Finally the crowd starts to grunt
Twubbled tweets testify tragedy
Based on a team members last stunt

He tried to take it all with three
The coach said two, is what they needed
To tie the game for overtime
He took a chance, he should have heeded

© 2011 Michael Yost

8 responses to “Twubbling Theme

  1. well fine tuned…

    perfect capture of events/sentiments…


  2. As an avid Arizona Wildcat’s basketball fan, I can totally relate to this piece!


  3. This is such an exciting poem, building to the climax that was disappointing. Well done!


  4. Hmm… ball games are often like that I find! LOL


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