Now a Burden

When you smile now I die a little inside
Knowing because it’s him and I subside
You once gave the gift only loving me
Were only there ways setting this curse free

© 2011 Michael Yost

17 responses to “Now a Burden

  1. blessing…

    shake it off, be free and be happy.
    you deserve the best.


  2. this one packs a punch…lovely


  3. I agree with Jingle…you deserve better.


  4. Free..what a word! We must detach from the yearning for a better past.. I really feel this poem..


  5. Oh, poem’s true. Think we all have an “Were only there ways …”


  6. Succinct with a bitter truth. Nice.


  7. A very difficult call and test of life, within your words.



  8. A very painful scenario to go through–heart rending.


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