Titter Tattered Tall Tales

Pass on the lore of yesteryear
Of the follies loved near and dear
Tales intriguing and sublime
Capturing men who did the crime

All the stories should ring the truth
Not so much as to require proof
If they seem too good to be true
They’ll lose their interest in you

© 2011 Michael Yost

7 responses to “Titter Tattered Tall Tales

  1. Nice poem. Love the alliteration in the title. Fun!


  2. I like this, theres a good rhythm going which makes for very catchy poetry


  3. So true. No drama, no interest. 🙂
    Love the title!


  4. I like “titter” too. And I like your poem about telling tattered tales. Reminded me of those twongue twisters… Excuse me–my tongue got twisted!


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