To His cloak I cling

Leave this Haven now, you are not exempt
Cannot you hear sir, my brazen contempt?
You can afford it, so you should pay heed
Get on your fast horse, and go with great speed

My life’s not my own, some wish it to be
In the king’s castle, his grand majesty
I promised my life, to the King of kings
Nothing you can do, to His cloak I cling

© 2011 Michael Yost

12 responses to “To His cloak I cling

  1. dude, a poem about God? nope, unless it’s Psalm of Psalms material… nope. This sucks, honestly.


  2. Here’s another honest response: it’s wonderful.
    “to His cloak I cling”, I wish I had been given that line to write.
    Hold fast.


  3. Bravo! Nicely done, Michael.


  4. well done….


  5. hey, love this. Provocative. its bang in the middle of the street, pulsing. God would like it. The Psalmist too. Its real. Like that cloak hanging in, thru the centuries.


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