Sooner or Later

Sitting on the big shelf isn’t so dam bad
You dream dreams at night and push away sad
The pills you take ease the pain in the rain
Most of the time you don’t care if clothes stain

The poems are easy not too hard at all
Like some of your plumbing gotten too small
They still talk of Smith, playing in the sack
And poor old Ms. Peters throwing out her back

His smile on his face could not be erased
Ms. Peters is fine now wearing her back brace
When it’s your shelf turn remember this poem
Sooner or later God will take you home.

© 2011 Michael Yost

33 responses to “Sooner or Later

  1. We all have a “shelf life”. But the expiration date wasn’t stamped on us when we were born!


  2. Thanks,

    productive you.

    keep shining….


  3. That’s why we need to make the most of life.


  4. Fabulous.

    Thanks for linking.


  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MICHAEL!! I hope you had a relaxed and peace-filled day.

    Gayle xoxo


  6. Wow, man, it’s your birthday? That’s cause for celebration.

    I loved this poem, despite the gloom of pondering my “shelf life,” as well as the life I’ve lived while ON that shelf… but still hoping my biggest, grandest mistakes are behind me. Oh, wait —



  7. I like your down-to-earth style. It suits me!


  8. Hey Michael.. Nice interview with Jingle site. I so get the need to just release what stirs inside. A great tonic for the souls journey to whatever home is.
    peace to you..


  9. oh ya.. and happy birthday…


  10. I feel lucky to have read be reminded of “home”…many thanks!


  11. I just stopped by to wish you a late birthday bit of happiness for today. I read about you on jingle poetry. I am some how on there email list. I write haiku’s on Friday. And a bit of poetry here and there. But you inspire me to do a bit more. My goal has always been to pain a picture with words. And you do this well with what I have read on this page. I know the feeling you spoke of on hitchhiking you gave me a few smiles and a bit of joy. And a little bit of wish for you a loving visitor. And way. Have a wonderful day. I will visit again. I added you to the network blog thing on facebook. See ya 🙂 E


  12. simply put but very effective. gets u thinkin that nuthin is permanent—>so live 2 d fullest n neva fuhget 2 live 4 urself too :D.


  13. i am sorry i couldn’t get here on sat. but, happy birthday! i hope is was as great as this poem. 🙂


  14. Well put! Good job!


  15. Truth.

    Sooner or later than’s for sure.


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