Whose Freedom and at What Expense?*

Why is cost so important today?
Because gas is so much home you stay?
Pizza delivered cost of three meals?
Can’t buy new shoes you got to reheel

Your jeans are now retro faded light blue
Longer hair of the sixties back too
Coffins flag draped too on the tarmac
The cost of life Bobby, Tom and Sue


© 2011 Michael Yost

*You want world peace start drafting at 60

6 responses to “Whose Freedom and at What Expense?*

  1. Ditto all that. A bit discouraging.

    Your interview is posted. Bravo! Well done. Thank you so much for your willingness to do it. My very best wishes with everything. Pulling for you, Michael.

    Blessings …


  2. Life cost a lot today, and the sad part is that things commercialized, but not really important cost the most, when the real deal of life wants no money but humanity!


  3. Yes, sure can relate. I wonder if soon no flags will be draped on those coffins–too costly. That couldn’t happen could it…

    Drafting at 60–yep, that would do it!


    • I started reading a sci fi (someone else’s book) about the older generation going to war and if they made it back they got a new younger body. Never finished the book but what an idea for the future, if we have one.


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