Banshee’s Baby

The song is set to sing
Set the chimes to ring
Winter has gone to spring
Allow the birds to wing

Paramount to the lyrics is the love
Cloistered, caged and crying are the last doves
Waiting for their time to be at last free
To be cut down by the wailing banshees

One death foretold crying
The bride or the groom dying
The groom fell on his sword
The bride hung by a cord
The stillborn baby born

©2011 Michael Yost

4 responses to “Banshee’s Baby

  1. Sad, sad song, Michael. Nicely written though. Poem on …


  2. Wow, that was some powerful stuff. It tells of hope for life , with the only freedom in the next life. This is only my take one it.
    I created my first poem today, in a way like I saw you do. but in my own words. I can say from the heart and original. But it was written both by ego mind and soul in accord. Sending you a virtual hug from Missouri.
    Peace be with you, friend


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