Green Lake

Green lake, green eyes and tawny thighs
Suit color gone not from bad eyes
Teenage lust borders tan lines
Finger tips brush brief defines

Sheer knit top clings over cold chills
Laying down flat breasts begin to spill
Not for a want of miss caring
I covered up her cold baring

© 2011 Michael Yost

8 responses to “Green Lake

  1. lovely imagery,

    the title is smiling..


  2. the green eyes … those green eyes …


  3. beautifully paced. i really enjoyed reading this… a few times!


  4. I found your link on Jingle poetry and have had a great time reading your work.

    You might like to see my blog if you like poetry and more inspiration, I do it all for free and aid fellow poets in their writing endeavors!


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