Angels and Devils

The images painted before our eyes close
Angels and devils in dramatic pose
Fighting for our souls before we can sleep
Praying to God’s heaven for our soul to keep

© 2011 Michael Yost

6 responses to “Angels and Devils

  1. Looks like you have been busy. Your words do flow. Mine have been stuck in thought. No ink pen or blogger. It has been broke for a bit. As yet her I sit. So I write this to you. May you enjoy your day. It is still raining here in Missouri. I will go now. I enjoyed reading your posts for the week.
    See ya, E 🙂


    • Thanks Grammy. Forcing it sometimes helps. I’ve written thousands of one line poems since I started back in October. lol Of course the delete key did them in..


  2. Wow… you just took me back to the Sistine Chapel and the Vatican. THANK YOU!


  3. that sounds like my thoughts before I fall asleep … but it’s mostly devils, the angel is only one … I liked this one!


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