Thrill Killed

Dead fly lying on the window sill

Going up and down, around until

Realizing he’s at a standstill

Finally destroying his life’s will


© 2011 Michael Yost

9 responses to “Thrill Killed

  1. A well written short verse. I can only wonder how such small things can invigorate such creativity.


  2. that can be applied and to us humans, sometimes we open doors and enter rooms we don’t realize are not for us, and by the time we figure out we want out, it’s too late …


  3. Poor little fly. You do see this quite often really – a fly in his last frenzied movements – and then total stillness. It really is as if he’s making his last attempts at finding his feet again before giving up the ghost.


    • If I didn’t have a screen the fly would get to go outside and feed and lay eggs on a carcass somewhere, but… I’m not a spider killer either and when I try and feed the fly to the spider, by putting it on it’s web; it actually kicks the fly off. I guess it prefers to kill it’s own.


      • LOL at the spider preferring to select his own fat juicy fly. There’s nothing quite like a meal you’ve cooked yourself in terms of satisfaction (although not necessarily taste!) xx


  4. that’s a beautiful drill
    with nothing remaining still….

    awesome word play.

    join poetry potluck again. see you later.


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