Caution for the wind song is strong
Whirls and the curls meats your head on
Your ears are soothed and body pushed
Not to take care your brain is cushed

Strong wind bubbles blue hazy smoke
The lyrics sang jumbled a bad joke
Laughter shoved you in the bean bag
You realized then you zigged then zagged

© 2011 Michael Yost

*Not an Advocate or User

5 responses to “Cushed*

  1. Hi michael… I liked this one. “Caution for the wind song is strong
    whirls and curls meets your head on”
    I like the idea that “wind bubbles blue…” I don’t think of it wind bubbling
    so it was good to consider in my minds eye that happening.
    Did you want to spell meet or meat? I’m thinkin’ it was meet.
    and… I don’t know what cushed means. I want to.
    thanks Michael. I hope you don’t mind that I make gentle critique and ask questions.
    peace out.


    • This is about the use of pot. Cush is a hydroponics version that is quite strong. The bubbles refers to a water pipe. Meat is correct as in meathead.. Most users listen to music while smoking hence the windsong and the beanbag is from my era… I do not advocate it’s use although at one time I did use. So as a fact of life I chose to write about it’s use. Should have made it clearer under the asterisk. sorry.


  2. witty word play, impressed by your creativity recent weeks.

    thanks for the contribution to poetry potluck.
    bless you.

    come again on Sunday.


  3. your input is appreciated…

    welcome join us any time.
    Happy Monday.


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