My Mind is Set Free

These chains that bind my brain
Serve as my greatest bane
Tries to keep me insane
Rust away with disdain

My mind you do betray
No longer my dismay
Carry up gone today
You are forced to obey

© 2011 Michael Yost

4 responses to “My Mind is Set Free

  1. Woohoo!! Break those rusty chains, and fly free, my friend!! Our minds need that kind of freedom, don’t they!?!
    An intense and powerful write! Much enjoyed!!


  2. Chains … you wish to break them and yet sometimes, not that easy …


    • I’m learning that what I project I end up perceiving. So if I project a hard time I will. David Hawkins, Google him, it’s interesting stuff. With all things you have to shake the wheat from the chaff.


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