What do the miracles require from the believer?

Water crashing against the bow of the boat?

Raindrops pooling, rolling down the portal?

But I was born this way, wasn’t I?


What does the believer expect from the miracles?

That all expectations are met to the fullest of my supplications?

Shelter from the storm?

Lord I believe, help me with my unbelief.


© 2011 Michael Yost

Thursday Poet Rally

27 responses to “Adrift

  1. stunning writing…

    blessings, you are precious.


  2. Oh, this is excellent!


  3. Beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing this poem!


  4. Maybe if we believed we’re miracles there lies our freedom… Beautifully expressive, Michael.


  5. I enjoyed this alot!


  6. I really enjoyed all the post you did on this page. You really know how to make words sing. Have a great week.
    E 🙂


  7. I believe that is the problem. I believe he can create miracles. The issue arises when he does not, chooses not to and I can’t seem to understand why, why me, why again, why now, what the lesson is…

    Yes I am going through a lot, again and this really touched me…HE CAN but most times he doesn’t….that is the hard part.
    Enjoy the rally!


    • I believe in miracles. I also believe there are a lot of prayers with different ends to the same issue at times. So is it,”who has the most faith” gets the answers to prayer; or is there a bigger picture that is outside “our” plans and not within His? I believe the best miracles are the ones already expected ans accepted, like the sun showing up in the morning and listening to His voice before praying. Our immediate needs may not be in our best interest or the situation and if we prayer in accord to his voice, we always get the miracles that are really needed. Talk about rambling. smiles… Having a bad time is the greatest assurance we have that a good time is coming soon. I just want to be a poet like yourself. One of the funniest things I’ve heard is how God chuckles when we make plans…..


  8. Since most of society is into instant gratification – we are not always good at waiting, sometimes we don’t “see the answer” or don’t like the answer – I believe in miracles and answers to prayers are set to work for our highest good …
    Bravo!! \(^o^)/


  9. Virtual Sinner

    Miracles are a problem, aren’t they? It seems an impossible philosophical situation to wait around for a miracle to give you faith.

    Did you have a rough sea voyage?


    • The voyage can be rough, but home port is worth the trip. I could talk about the verse I referred to, but suffice to say the miracle did happen because of his belief. It’s a great day for miracles! smiles…


  10. Oh, this is beautifully crafted. Even in one of your above comments you have stunned me with these words:
    ‘Having a bad time is the greatest assurance we have that a good time is coming soon’. I shall always remember that!


  11. Brilliant… really touched.
    I enjoyed reading it.


  12. Hello Buggy!
    Glad I stopped by — this is great.


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