Not Perfect in Love

Your kisses equaling your lessening visits
It’s beginning to bother me I must admit
I shower twice every day and check my pits
Wash face every way I can to cover zits

I blow into my palms and shave the hair there too
Towel my hair dry and put in zippidy doo
Put in my glue so my teeth don’t slip when I chew
But still you’re saying to me now we are all through

© 2011 Michael Yost

11 responses to “Not Perfect in Love

  1. I can’t believe the zippidy doo failed.


  2. How much more can a guy do? Vb


  3. Sad – you deserve better after all this effort!


  4. Really, you’re right–what more could a girl want from a guy? He even shaves his palms for heaven’s sake!

    One thing though, that hair “do” stuff is called “Dippity Do”. Unless you intentionally called it “zippity” which is very cute. Yeah, yeah, I know– I’m old too! 🙂


  5. That was funny to read, in a way how much we sometimes do to conquer someone … the whole process is funny, until on the end you get the sad answer of rejection … but chin up! If this time it wasn’t meant to be, next time will be! That said from a huge optimist! 🙂


  6. “But still you’re saying to me now we are all through”


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