The Wind Blows for Thee

Scattering feelings in the wind of change
Wishing for the best to be rearranged
Hoping for a tempest in a teapot
Some fantasies churn out a bigger plot

Undercurrent cuts you off your firm feet
Like pulling a rug you fall on your seat
You grab for your nest just out of your range
Cutting through cobwebs in the wind of change

© 2011 Michael Yost


10 responses to “The Wind Blows for Thee

  1. beautiful,
    sweet also.
    Thanks for sharing….


  2. I still dream of my old work place. Yeah, the rug was pulled.

    You know what they say about one door closing…. Pffftttt.

    I like your sad poem.


  3. Change is scary but this poem is great.


  4. Really love the words you use !! 😀


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