Stroking Heads

I love stroking my shaved head.

It’s much cooler where the bald spot is… Strange.

Plus the bald spot is oval side to side; like a foot ball.

It’s one of the reasons I decided to shave.

The comb back and over made it look like a monkey’s ass.

Now that my eyebrows are taking over;

I’m wondering if I should trim or jut comb them back.

Not straight back but, the left one to the left and the right one to the right.

On windy day mousse them in both in the same direction.

I also thought of combing down and braiding them with my nose hair.

Since both of them along with my ear hair is growing for a three way under my nose.

No wait… a four way with my mustache… but I’d become a mouth breather

And then drink a lot of water and stand in front of the urinal all day… decisions

Decisions, decisions… To pee or not to pee is the question..

© 2011 Michael Yost

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