Thump Diddy

Tripping in a hole twisting round and round
Up against the sides till I hit the ground
Falling through the roots I could hear the sound
Beating clear as day sounding so profound

Thump thump diddy diddy thump diddy thump
Thump diddy thump diddy diddy thump thump
Bump bump round the stump feeling like a chump
Yes I did thump thump diddy diddy thump

© 2011 Michael Yost

6 responses to “Thump Diddy

  1. At least you made up a little musical ditty as you went down that hole! Yep, it sounded a bit musical as you thumped along… 🙂


  2. Those twists and turns certainly can trip us up. Very nice, creatively written poem!


  3. Reminds me of Alice in Wonderland falling down the hole…they ought to add this as the song she sings in the next movie! Much fun! 😀 xx


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