Solitudinal Saint

Solitudinal centering reaching the core
Internalizing peace first suffering some more
Pushing past the ego dropping value of things
Seeking total wellness and the good that it brings

Start at the beginning given all that we need
Forsaking worldly goods while planting loving seeds
One man’s liberation another man’s restraint
Risking ridiculing Solitudinal saint

© 2011 Michael Yost

11 responses to “Solitudinal Saint

  1. Especially enjoyed your second stanza – and these words “One man’s liberation another man’s restraint, Risking ridiculing Solitudinal saint” are just wonderful xx


  2. Love the last two lines — how true that liberation may appear foolish to some. Reminds me of Francis of Assisi. Very nice!


  3. ‘Pushing past the ego.’ That’s a tough one.

    This was cool. Just another person’s thought. : )


  4. I love the last lines and the “Pushing past the ego” as well Beautifully written


  5. very thought provoking words.
    thanks for sharing your wisdom of words.




  6. Wonderful. I love it when someone says what I can only think in jumbled terms. Nice work!


    • That piece has been on the burners a long time. I unjumble by writing one or two sentences and if it goes blank I hit save and come back later. Thanks for the comment and the visit Charles!


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