Pushed to the brink of dire hostility
Rage only one syllable’s ability
Fearful of this man’s capability
And the future of your futility

© 2011 Michael Yost

2 responses to “Volatility

  1. Something about the last line caught my eye. Was just perusing through your recent postings & was assaulted by the honesty with which you express yourself. Sharp discourse though it seems to bleed through to other themes that are present in your poetry. A certain sense of longing emerges without doubt. Kept me enraptured, that much is true. Hope all is well, take care,



    • Catharsis is what this is all about for me. Some things need to be cleansed and aired. I see it in yours as well albeit coded. I hope my longing and wishful thinking about how I represented in the past in some ways helps those in their present and future dealings with life. But really it’s all selfish; I need the release to help in forgiving myself; then I can move on.


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