Love’s Spark

As she sheds the layers of her heart

Laying aside fear finding love’s start

Slicing away to find the spark

Lighting the path out of the dark


© 2011 Michael Yost

21 responses to “Love’s Spark

  1. This is beautiful! I can relate to the words, the sparkles …


  2. Yup – like Broken Sparkles, I can relate to these beautiful words too 😀 xx


  3. When we allow ourselves a bit of vulnerability with laying open our hearts, that’s when love can ignite. Lovely.


  4. Four lines! Just four lines, and the meaning delivered.

    Impressive indeed. Both-the meaning, and the little wonder poem.


  5. very beautiful lines!


  6. So hard to think of being that open, that vulnerable, and yet this poem holds the key to possibility. Great poem, Michael. (I can’t believe what you said on my blog about the church ladies and the “crossed legs,” I roared!!)



    • Find the light. Your poem touched a sensitive tooth. Didn’t mean to be so graphic… take that back.. I did.. Envy, strife and gossip pull good churches down.


    • Thanks Ina. I’ve been using a tow truck lately to pull them out of me. smiles
      I tried but had trouble with the color scheme on your blog. I did see my favorite cowboy though!


  7. Beautiful, as always… 🙂


  8. It pays to take the chance…lovely!


  9. I love the first line. Simply stunning, great submissions!


  10. clever words.

    bless you.


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