Final Curtain?

Grasping at the old, highlights of stardom

Straining through the sieve, coping with lonesome

Staging lights up bright, too late to realize

The show must go on, celebrity cries


Curtain call crowd roars, head bowed rocked and old

He wants to go home, instead belts out bold

His notes on key, cuts and struts to the beat

The old highlights of fate, he did defeat


© 2011 Michael Yost


12 responses to “Final Curtain?

  1. perfectly composed,
    love the rhyming.


  2. Although, new talent is bountiful … the musicians, like actors/actresses, of my younger years are dwindling … hate to see it … some can continue with the new generations and resurrect their careers — some it is better to let us listen to their hayday melodies. ~~ Nicely done!


  3. Pink Floyd nice choice for a muse. I was really drawn in by the story great job!


  4. Made me think of Bob Seger’s Turn The Page.


  5. You paint such a sad vista to take in, utterly fantastic and definitely Floyd-ish!


  6. I liked this very much and I’m sure Frank would have approved. 🙂


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