At Least Treat me Like a Dog

Please tell me I touch your heart in a special way

Be nice with your words lest I feel like a lost stray.

Talk to me and tell if we can go out and play.

Or tell me to lay down now and I must obey.


© 2011 Michael Yost

6 responses to “At Least Treat me Like a Dog

  1. words like yours sure touch the hearts of others …


  2. If you love someone and if that love is true,
    they will love you in return,
    treating you as a mortal,
    treating just like you deserve.


  3. Yes, BIG SMILE. I you were my dog you would be so spoiled rotten. They are glaring at me now because the weather prohibits their walk. And I’m feeling guilty. Love this.


    • The new phrase out there, “Now that’s what I’m talking about.” Poor pooches. Here in SoCal it’s like winter.. 61 degrees, rarely hitting 70 at the beaches. I’m used to a warmer climate than this. brrr


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