Dissolving Fears


Being alone is, one of my greatest fears.
Not having a sweet lady, very near.
Someone to talk, to let words fill the air.
Instead of writing, about this despair.

Alone again in, a cheerful crowded room.
Wandering around, seems to be my doom.
A single light glows, as I scan for a date.
Could this be the one, as it’s getting late?

Mutual eyes meeting, the room getting bright.
Approaching slowly, as to not give fright.
Talking to her true, she made it quite clear.
This may be the one, dissolving the fears

© 2011 Michael Yost

10 responses to “Dissolving Fears

  1. I share your fears… I think we can all relate to this in some respect, and that’s what makes it touching


  2. I sometimes have the same fear, though there are many thing you can do when alone and still have a good time, sometimes only the company of someone special makes the time goes by …


  3. The begining stanza hurt my heart, the ending proved hope and joy.Thanks for the roller coaster ride, reminded me of 30 years ago.


  4. This is sweet and touching, Michael, and address a universal issue. Nice cadance and flow.

    Will hold the good thought for you ….


  5. Such sweet and vulnerable words that express the fears many people have within their hearts… I certainly can relate to them too xx


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