Entrust your love while you are gone away
You are off to fight to come back some day
Your friend for some years has proven his worth
To care for your wife who is going to birth

The war lasts for years your time is now done
You come home to find you fathered a son
Not yet three years old he’s handsome and bright
He talks like a man wants to be a great knight

Wooden sword and shield he fights the bad men
But most of the time he just scares the hens
His friend told the boy his father’s great deeds
He fended for his wife and filled all their needs

© 2011 Michael Yost

The Poetry Pantry


14 responses to “Entrust

  1. smiles. love that last line cause that is what it is all about…and chuckles at the wood sword and shield…good memories…and poor hens…smiles.


  2. All’s well that ends well. Nice story!


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  4. Nice story. Love the line about scaring the hens. 🙂


  5. Michael, this is a touching poem. Unfortunately TOO many fathers (and mothers) are going off to war and leaving spouses/ children behind. May they all come home safely.


  6. It’s like a song, and I like the story it tells.


  7. it seems to be a cute story with a nice ending. 🙂
    my cynical mind of course can’t help but think of the alternative that perhaps the friend took care of the mom’s needs as a lover


  8. I wondered if the friend had replaced the missing father in some ways too as I read this? Although perhaps that’s be being a bit cynical too.

    It’s so sad that men and women still go off to fight in often meaningless wars….when will it all end?

    Chloe xx


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